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Let them eat macarons!
Our signature giftboxes make 'lette macarons the perfect gift for any occasion. Select from our “champ de macarons,” just as you would pick a colorful bouquet from a field of flowers.
giftbox of 6 macarons in white – $11
giftbox of 12 macarons in fuchsia, chartreuse, and violet – $22
giftbox of 24 macarons in violet – $44
giftbox of 36 macarons in silver – $66
"a la ronde" giftbox of 60 macarons in violet and silver – $129

Share la passion du macaron with a 'lette gift cards, available in 2 designs, complete with greeting card and envelope.
'lette gift card - starting at $20

The 'lette mini-box makes a memorable impression as a unique gift to send home with your dinner or party guests. Featuring our signature logo as a cutout, the minibox lets you peek at the vibrant flavors you’ve selected from our “champ de macarons”.
Minibox of 2 macarons – $4 (minimum order of 5 boxes)

Our five tiered tower will become the vivid centerpiece of your special event or private celebration – fits your selection of 60 'lette.
Tower with the macarons – $119.00

Enjoy our new "a la ronde" giftbox of 60 macarons, available in violet and silver, perfect for welcoming your guest in larger events.
'lette gift card - starting at $20

Surprise a ‘lette macarons fan with our signature white cotton aprons embroidered with the ‘lette logo.
'lette apron are available in fuchsia, chartreuse, and violet – $25

For help with your party planning contact paulette@lettemacarons.com